About Us


The Beginning

Every story has a beginning, and the Waunakee Garage Sale Days are no exception. With its roots steeped in our community and the passion for the creation of something new that would benefit all, we are proud of the tradition of this event and the legacy of its founders. We are grateful to all those over the years who have given of themselves, their time and talents to make this event great for all.

Community Focused

The Waunakee Garage Sale Days have been a long standing tradition in our community going back over two decades, and held Mother's Day weekend each year. This is just one of the many events in which our whole village has the opportunity to come together. Indeed without the cooperation of many, this event would not be possible.

Our Story

We are a local community-oriented group who values being part of our community and being involved in its life. This event is just one way we participate.